Your Servant, Our Datacenter

Safe payment

or by means of banking transference

Already you have your own servants? if it is thus you will be able to lodge them in our datacenter you will have connectivity to superfluous Internet, through several carriers and under BGP4, peerings deprived with the main operators the country, that guarantee the greater availability to him, and the smaller latencies.

You will be able to contract your connectivity by packages of transference, flexible bandwidth (percentile 95%), or by fixed volume.

They will enjoy controlled surroundings uninterrupted power supply and superfluous systems of air conditioning, the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity constantly are watched.

The clients of our service of housing benefit from systems from monitoring by means of closed circuits of TV and watchmen of security, presents 24 hours to the day and 7 days to the week in the facilities. You can contract from 1U to one or several racks, if you please wish more information on our service of housing, is put in touch with us and we will help him.